Day 8 - What Shortcuts am I Tempted to Take?

Read Matthew 4:5-11

Jesus' whole mission was to show his authority and rescue his beloved world from the enemy's grasp.  Knowing the work, endless days of walking and healing, and the final tortuous death that awaited him -- I can imagine how tempting it may be to show the world Who he was and then have his world safely under his rule and reign. 

But it was not worth giving the actually glory and authority over to the accuser, Satan, for a false rescue of the ones He loved.  No short cut could actually do the work He came to do.

What tempts you to take short cuts or backtrack instead of pushing ahead toward the call God has placed on your life?

Jesus, I'm pretty sure I prayed this same thing yesterday, but my flesh and will are so weak.  I often chose the easy, immediate over the wise, more difficult.  Help me to remember and be obedient to your Word that is hidden in my heart.  I surrender my selfish desire to do things my way in my time.  Your way is worth it.  Amen.


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