Pizza in the cupboard


This weekend I’ll be preaching about how God cares about people more than practice. 

So why is there leftover pizza in my Tupperware shelf?

Because this is a lesson I am still learning, and I was so worn out last night that the leftover pizza never made it to the fridge. I’m not usually scatter brained, but almost two weeks of baby teething and waking every hour of the night makes for a rather distracted mommy. 

Parenting is not for the faint of heart amiright?

Thankfully, God loves and cares for me even when the leftover pizza ends up in the trash. He cares more for me than for the things I do….or fail to do. It’s ok for me to do less and be more. I need to practice some of THAT today. 

May your pizzas of your life end up in the fridge of purpose to be enjoyed at the proper time. And may all your Cheetos be crispy. I think I need a nap. 

My prayer for you, friend, as you read this is that you will forgive yourself and your loved ones for all the pizzas gone to waste…for every misplaced item and lost key, for every misspoken word and tired sigh. Most of us humans are worn out and need a nap.  And a hug. 

So hug a human today. Or a furry friend if no humans are available. Be kind and patient. Remember that God cares more about you than the things you do. Hold that grace for others too. 


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