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Breathe in.... breathe out.

      This was my chance. The baby had just eaten and fallen back asleep. I felt awake. No one else was up. I probably had a good 30 minutes before the early-bird-middle-child would wake. Maybe I could steep a cup of tea and read my Bible during a few glorious minutes of quietness...     I got my tea and found some random mini chocolate-chip muffins we happened to have. I sat down in the recliner and reached for my Bible. I sat for a moment with it in my hands and took a few deep breaths.     Breathe in.....breathe out....  Just then I heard the footsteps thump down the hallway from the boys' room.  "Mommy, can I sit with you?"     Breathe in.....breathe out....     "Yes, Leo."     "Sanks, Mommy. Mmmm Mommy I like you."     Leo watched something on his iPad while I tried to find a place to balance by Bible and journal with him in my lap.  I took a sip of my tea and tried to center myself again.     Breathe in.....breathe out....     As if sitting in my

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