Day 6 - Delight

Read Matthew 3:11-17.  Read it slowly, and read it aloud if you can.

Was there a word or phrase that stuck out to you?  Take a few moments to think or write down your reflections.  Why does that word/phrase strike you?  

Read the passage again, slowly, aloud.  

That word or phrase that stuck out to you, ponder it again.  What could it have meant to the person who said it, or the ears that heard it?  What does it mean to you, today?

Read the passage one final time.

Talk with Jesus about the thing that stood out to you the most from the passage.  Ask Him if there's anything He'd like you to hear from him, or remember, or do.  

Jesus, as I read this section about John and you, I was struck by several things; but the one that stood out to me the most was what you heard from your Father.  "This is my one dear son in whom I take great delight."  My mind is constantly full of all the things I know I do wrong, or poorly.  I constantly fight a battle in my mind to not speak ill of my self and what work I might accomplish each day.  Too rarely do I ask you what You say about me.  Help me to hear the words of my Father.  What would you speak from Heaven for me to hear?


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