Day 5 - What Fruit Follows Your Actions?

Matthew 3:1-10

I had a long conversation with a friend the other day about parenting and motherhood and why I chose to have kids.  (I have several friends who long to have kids and have not physically been able to, so I feel like saying that "I chose to have kids" isn't entirely true.  I never longed to have kids; but I did choose to try to have kids biologically and it happened to work for us.)  My friend is struggling to find a desire to pursue motherhood; in the meantime her husband is longing to be a dad. 

I processed some thoughts with her about my own spiritual formation as a parent and learning to love like God loves and dying to my own selfish desires.  Our conversation left me also pondering the effects that my parenting has on our children.  I wonder how my actions and attitudes influence my sons?  Do they know a Mommy who recognizes she is not super human but needs help?  Do they hear me talking about Jesus?  Talking to Jesus?

Go back to your Bible and read verses 8-10 again. Repentance is pointless if my life doesn't change. Confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior isn't a true confession if my attitudes and actions don't continue to conform to Christ.  

Jesus, help me see how to live daily a life of true repentance that even my children can see and feel.  What can I do or say today that will help them see what a life of repentance looks like?  Thank you for your grace again, day after day, to learn to walk with you.  I love you.


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