Day 7 - How Tempting is the Word of God?

Read Matthew 4:1-4

Ok friends, it's time for me to be absolutely honest with you.  I hate being hungry.  I know that's a very privileged, ungrateful attitude. 

Have you ever fasted?  I have.  I've never made it past one week.  Three days is usually my limit.  Can you imagine fasting for 40 days?  FORTY DAYS???  Jesus was famished?  NO KIDDING!  I know Jesus is God, but at that point it seems like a miracle that he would say his food is God's Word.  Mad props, JC.  

What are the things that are hard for you to say "no" to?  What would it mean for God's word to be more important, more filling, more delectable, more tempting to you than those things?

Jesus, I am so so so weak when it comes to the simple desires of my flesh.  Help me be mindful of the millions of my neighbors who have no food, or no warmth, or no safety, or no freedom.  Help me understand what it truly means for your Word to be my food, my sustenance.  I surrender my selfish desires and hungry tummy to you.


  1. Well thus hit home today. Nit just about food... We have been complaining about how bad our mattress is and the aching backs we often with... Its so hard to pick out a new one and they cost so much... And then there is countless people in aftica who sleep on a straw mat on the floor... And homelessness... And Jesus chose to leave his comfotable home to walk this earth with and give himself up for sinners like me.


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