Day 4 - Who are you Listening to?

Read Matthew 2:13-23

So many parts of this passage seem significant.  Again, Joseph responds in obedience.  Herod reacts with awful violence and children die...children the ages of my own.  God protects Joseph and his little family.  They are saved and find a home town.

Three times in this passage, however, the prophets are mentioned.  I called my Son out of Egypt, Jeremiah's lament, and He will be called a Nazarene.  Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, the prophets had something to say; and their words were important.

Whose words am I listening to?  What voices encourage me or affirm me?  Are there people (or media) that I should stop listening to?  Are there other voices that I should listen to instead?

Father, forgive me for filling up my soul with others words and not your own.  Show me how to filter wisely.  Help me hear the voices that are perhaps ignored by others but should be heeded.  Help me live the words that others need to "hear".  By your grace and love, amen.


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