Day 3 - How Far Will You Journey to Give Your Gifts to God?

Read Matthew 2:1-12

I'm struck by a theme I've noticed so far since beginning the book of the Matthew. People are willing to be obedient to God in extravagant, amazing ways.

The wise men traveled who knows how far and how many months to meet Jesus to give him their gifts. I wonder how far I would you go to worship God. How far would you go? I don't mean how far will you drive to the church that has the best worship leader or how far will you travel to find a church that suits your needs. I'm asking how far are you willing to go give Jesus whatever he's inviting you to give to him?

Jesus, I get weary of trying to find you, sometimes.  I know you have given me gifts and talents to steward and give back to you.  But it feels like it takes forever to figure out what that means.  Help me to stay the course until I find you and can lay those treasures at your feet.


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