Day 2 - Compassionate Courage

Compassionate Courage

Read Matthew 1:18-25

When I read this part of Jesus' story, I feel like God is saying:
"Ok Joe. I know you're trying to do the noble thing here and protect Mary's reputation as much as you can, but I want you to do the crazy thing instead. Put your reputation on the line and go ahead and marry her. Adopt the baby. Name him. Yep, you heard me right. This little miracle is going to save everyone."

How would that strike you? How could you respond to such a crazy thing? Joseph doesn't seem to wrestle with the idea at all. He just does it. Courage, faith, compassion, obedience.

What do you see in God's character from this story of Joseph? What is important to Him?

Is there a crazy thing God is inviting you to do? Something that seems to go beyond common sense or even wisdom? What is God inviting you to take a step of compassionate courage toward?

Pray with me:

Jesus, I'm so thankful Joseph took care of you and Mary. Thank you for that example of selfless love. Show me today how to follow your call to live life with reckless love. How shall I love you well today? How shall I love others well today? My day, my time, my life belongs to you. I love you. Amen.


  1. I love that you put a prayer at the end. These are a great length - short for when things are,hectic but have enough there I can keep reading, thinking, writing or praying if the kids happen to allow a couple extra uninterrupted minutes

    1. Yay!! I'm so glad it's good. Keep letting me know how to improve: what you like and don't like. :)


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