Daunte Wright

Our living room is a mess.

Our infant is 17 days old.

I'm nursing him again for the ??th time today.

And I'm grateful for the mess.

I see the cat that Leo colored all on his own. He didn't ask for ant help. I love that determined independence of his. It will serve him well as an adult even if sometimes now it feels like relentless defiance.

I see the Woody doll that Wally adores. He plays and talks with Woody more than almost any other toy he's ever had. For an #autistic kid, that just makes this momma heart beam with hope and joy.

And in the midst of this sleep deprived mess, I think of Daunte Wright and I weep. He was a beloved human made in the image of God just like you. Just like me. Just like Wally and Leo.

And his son will cry for his daddy and get no reply.

Black Lives Matter.


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