Breathe in.... breathe out.


    This was my chance. The baby had just eaten and fallen back asleep. I felt awake. No one else was up. I probably had a good 30 minutes before the early-bird-middle-child would wake. Maybe I could steep a cup of tea and read my Bible during a few glorious minutes of quietness...

    I got my tea and found some random mini chocolate-chip muffins we happened to have. I sat down in the recliner and reached for my Bible. I sat for a moment with it in my hands and took a few deep breaths.

    Breathe in.....breathe out....

 Just then I heard the footsteps thump down the hallway from the boys' room.  "Mommy, can I sit with you?"

    Breathe in.....breathe out....

    "Yes, Leo."
    "Sanks, Mommy. Mmmm Mommy I like you."

    Leo watched something on his iPad while I tried to find a place to balance by Bible and journal with him in my lap.  I took a sip of my tea and tried to center myself again.

    Breathe in.....breathe out....

    As if sitting in my lap wasn't enough physical contact, Leo started absent-mindedly playing with my toe. 
    "What are you doing?" I asked him.
    "I just like you, Mommy. You're my best girl."  😍

    I closed my Bible and just breathed.... and listened.

    Breathe in.....breathe out....

    Sometimes I think we (Christians in particular, perhaps) have our own ideas and plans and strategies for connecting with God. We think we need to read a certain amount of scripture, or pray for so many minutes, or get our hands on the best devotional.

    Maybe Jesus is more like Leo and less like me. He likes us and just wants to sit with us.  And when we try to ignore Him even when He is literally in the way, He starts playing with our toes.... because He likes us.

    Today, maybe try to just breathe and listen. How is Jesus trying to get your attention? Is the Holy Spirit playing with your toe? Does the Father just want you to hear Him saying, "You're my best girl"?


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