Little Leo's Arrival

July 21, 11:00PM

As Charles and I were getting into bed, I felt a rather strong contraction.  After experiencing false labor for a couple weeks I was tentative about saying anything, but this one was significantly stronger than any others I had felt.  I never had false labor with Wally, so distinguishing between the two types of contractions was a new skill I had to learn.  Anyway, as I leaned against the bed and breathed heavily I said, "Charles, I think that was a real contraction.  Just so you know."

I waited a little before getting into bed but nothing else happened.  About half an hour later I felt another one and decided to start paying attention to the timing.  I rolled closer to Charles, who I was pretty sure had not quite fallen all the way asleep yet, and I said, "Charles, I had another contraction.  I think this might be the real deal."  He replied with an "ok", but I knew he might not have actually registered what I said.  

July 22

I managed to sleep a little between contractions, but by about 3 AM they were starting to become more consistent and closer together.  At 5 AM they were about 15 minutes apart and growing stronger.  By 7am I texted our next door neighbor who had agreed to watch Wally if need be when I went into labor.  I woke Charles and started to pack Wally's bag for the day.  I called the midwife about 7:30am and she said she'd meet us at the hospital around 8am.

We eventually got to the car at 8am and arrived at Beverly Hospital at 8:15 AM.  By now I was breathing heavily, experiencing painful contractions and having a hard time not complaining about the pain.  Ok, I complained A LOT.  Charles wheeled me up to the labor and delivery floor and we checked in.  By 9:00 AM I had an epidural but continued to complain more loudly about the pain.  Around 9:45 I felt the need to push and told the midwife with some surprise.  Could it really be so soon?  She replied, "You're not fully dilated, but I can help by holding it open a bit if you feel ready."


With some significantly LOUD groans, yells, screams, and more complaining about how much it hurt (I did get an epidural after all), Leonard Joseph was born with a small whimper on his part at 10:08 AM.  I finally opened my eyes.  I hadn't realized I had them shut almost the entire time we were in the hospital; I was concentrating so hard.  Leo immediately quieted down as the nurse laid him on my chest and rubbed him vigorously.  He looked at me and I'm sure I said something brilliant like "Hello, Leonard Joseph," but the whole moment is a blur.  I just remember feeling so grateful and so surprised that it happened so fast.  Through it all Charles let me squeeze the life out of his hand and listened to all my yelling.  

So far, two months later, Leo has proven to be a sweet little boy who eats and sleeps quite well.  His big brother gives him little kisses on the top of his head and then tries to share mommy's lap.  :)  I bet that will never change.


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